FREE WEB-BASED STATS AND REPORTS WITH EVERY NUMBERPerfect for multi-sites or homeworkers. We offer a wide choice of numbers: freefone, national rate and extra 08 numbers, 01 and 02 numbers, London 0207 and 0208 numbers.

All of our memorable telephone numbers have been obtained via BT Openreach and are fully portable to all other UK providers. We provide an INBOUND telephone service and route your incoming calls to UK landlines and mobiles if you choose to keep your number with us, rather than port it away. YOU OWN YOUR MEMORABLE NUMBER as soon as we have received your full payment.

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01, 02, 03 numbers cost standard UK rates to call and are inclusive in all UK mobile minutes. We charge a small fee of 4ppm to receive calls to our virtual 01, 02 and 03 UK numbers routing to a landline and 5.78ppm is routing to a UK mobile – there are no set-up charge and no monthly rental for our standard service.

0800 and 0808

0800 and 0808 numbers are free to call. We charge 5ppm to receive calls on 0800 and 0808 numbers with no-set up charge and no monthly rental for our standard service. Typical uses include new business, preferred customers, and emergency service provision.

International Telephone Numbers

International numbers, such as 1800 numbers in the U.S.A. have many uses and make it easier for your international customers to be able to contact you.

We can provide toll free and local numbers in a large number of countries – please ask us for details of the country you require numbers in.

Transfer the number to another provider

You can move the number to another provider for a VoIP or landline service.  Once transferred away there are no charges from us whatsoever. There is no charge to transfer your number away.