Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions lets you automate processes, direct calls to the most appropriate resource and lets customers Self Serve (Account balances, PIN Resets etc..) to ensure that your call centre agents and customer services representatives are dealing with core calls rather than all calls. We can even route calls depending on exactly who is calling or just by the area they are calling from.

Our IVR solutions provide all of the standard features and functionality that you would expect from hardware based solutions without the expense or hassle, plus a whole host of very clever additional routing solutions.

Key Features:

  • Real-time web based self administration of all features & menu structures via any Internet connected PC
  • The status of every call of your IVR services in real-time from any Internet connected PC
  • Upload and administer your own IVR service prompts and also allow you to create prompts via leading Text to Speech (TTS) technology
  • Unlimited calls within the IVR to allow your campaigns and calls to “burst” without worrying about capacity
  • Great range of output options: HTTP request, email, SMS, FTP to ensure we can easily pull information in and out of our IVR services in real-time
  • All calls can use our CALL RECORDING service
  • In depth real-time & historic REPORTING solution to allow you to see every detail of every call
  • Unlimited calls queued in our network so you can vastly reduce your current fixed costs by reducing line rentals
  • Route calls based on Caller ID (CLI) information, to allow preferred customers to reach the top of the queue faster for example
  • Use our AGENT DESKTOP solution for great call control to ensure you supply the best service to your customers
  • All calls can use our CALL RECORDING service to provide a constant record of all calls
  • In depth real-time & historic REPORTING solution. Every call uniquely logged for over 400 elements of detail reported on per call