XL Telecom Code of Practice
Regarding Complaint Handling and Dispute Resolution for Public Sector & Small & Large Business Customers


This Code of Practice (COP) provides a statement of the services available from XL Telecom to residential, public sector, small & large business customers, and those interested in finding out more about XL Telecom. It explains how we provide these services, and the key support services and company policies that underpin them. It describes your relationship with XL Telecom, how you can, and should, contact XL Telecom when you need help or want to change the services you have, and how we will respond. It also describes what you should do in the unlikely event of something going wrong. This code of practice can be found at https://xltelecom.co.uk under the Code of Practice link at the foot of the Web site.

  1. Toffoo Limited

XL Telecom, a trading name of Toffoo Limited is the converged business of a number of businesses founded between 1990 and 2018 and then acquired by Toffoo Limited in 2019.

The business is operated by industry professionals with almost 44 years of combined work within the telecoms industry and with corporate business across a number of sectors. We have been providing services through a variety of businesses over the last 20 years, and have decided to bring everything together in to a single business in order to provide a full spectrum of telephony services including physical telephone line and service audits, through to provision of call centre solutions, telephone numbers, voice call queuing and IVR all of which can be fully managed by our Clients or by XL Telecom.

The business provides services and solutions to corporate customers, public sector, small-medium sized business as well as start-ups and growing businesses and you will be able to have full, real-time control of everything if you wish, through our unique online portal, or we can of course manage your entire solution for you. All of our development work is done in-house and we own all of our own technology, so we are not restricted in what we can provide for you.


In the telecoms market and in today’s current economic climate, companies are seeking cost cutting exercises, whilst still maintaining high quality services. XL Telecom’s mission is to create new services that increase productivity and efficiency, maximizing profit potential through business re-engineering, making internal and external communication simple and cost effective. We also support clients going forward at all levels from full estate telephony management, to getting involved upon request.


Through the use of innovative technology, XL Telecom is able to provide solutions and services which offer outstanding quality, enabling us to be a market leader in high quality, cost saving telecoms solutions. We provide end-to-end solutions, which are built to work for each and every client. We aim to meet and vastly exceed our clients’ expectations.


Details of all of our current services can be found on our website at www.xltelecom.co.uk

For our fixed line services, we use Openreach to maintain our lines to ensure the highest standards for customers.


Contracts for PSTN lines range from 12 to 24 months, depending on client requirements. In exceptional circumstances, where there is a specific client requirement, for example on short-term projects, XL Telecom may agree to provide analogue lines on a 0-month basis, though higher connection and service charges may apply. For ISDN2e and ISDN30e, some contracts may be for 60 months. For broadband services there generally is a minimum contractual obligation of 12 months, although rolling monthly contracts are available for short-term projects. Contract lengths for EFM services and lease-lines varies from 12 months to 60 months, according to client requirement. The precise term is agreed at point of sale.


Like all UK telecommunications operators, XL Telecom has a number of obligations set down under current UK legislation. These are aimed at providing customers with both choice and consumer protection. XL Telecom takes these responsibilities very seriously, while aiming to deliver an excellent service and a range of products and services to meet our customers
communication needs and requirements.

The formal details of the general terms and conditions of our contractual relationship with customers can be found on our website www.xltelecom.co.uk


Below you will find a number of ways you can contact XL Telecom, and we always do our best to ensure that you are fully satisfied with our services.

Telephone 020 7700 0000 – Open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

E-mail [email protected]

Post to:

XL Telecom
Providence House
Suite 750
PO14 9RX


The lead times to install your services depend on the services you choose to have with us. New line installations, which are undertaken by Openreach on our behalf usually take between 3 and 7 working days whereas setting up a new telephone number such as an 0800 number or 01/02 geographic number is usually the same day.


Lines and services may be transferred or cancelled at any time. However, if you are within a contract, full fees will apply for the remainder of the whole period of contractual obligation, along with an administration fee of up to £25 per line, per service.

The sum due will be billed, in full, at the time of in-contract cancellation.

If you are considering cancelling of transferring your lines to another provider and are in contract with XL Telecom, this is something you should budget for and consider.

We reserve the right to disconnect you without prior notice, or by giving notice to you at your last known address if:

➢ You exceed the agreed credit limit and we have used reasonable efforts to contact you without success;
➢ You break any of the terms and conditions in your contract;
➢ You are declared bankrupt;
➢ If we have not been able to collect your payment for using the service and have made every reasonable effort to contact you but without success.


We will use our reasonable endeavours to fix all faults as soon as we can. Most faults will be logged within 1 hour of your first phone call and then escalated as necessary. Many of our repairs will rely on Openreach or other third parties to effect, and in such circumstances, XL Telecom cannot be held responsible for any service failures, such as cancelled appointments, on their behalf.


XL Telecom reserve the right to modify our prices either permanently or for a limited period of time (offers & promotions), and will provide at least 30 days notice of any such changes to our customers.

Our intention is to remain competitive with other leading communications providers and to offer our customers excellent value for money.


You will receive an invoice on the 1st of the month of the month after you have consumed services, so for example for line rentals, installations and call charges for November, you will receive your bill, by email, on 1st December.

We need to receive your payment within 14 days of the invoice date, preferably using online banking, or payment in to our bank account at a high street bank. We reserve the right to make a charge for acceptance of cheques, cash or other means of payment requiring administration.

XL Telecom reserves the right to disconnect any customer without prior notice if the company has reasonable grounds for suspecting that there is an unacceptable credit risk, for example
through suspected illegal behaviour (e.g. fraud) or a breach of the contract with XL Telecom.


We take all complaints seriously and will do what we reasonably can to resolve the issue, as efficiently as possible TO YOUR TOTAL SATISFACTION. If you have an issue with any aspect of our service, please call us on 020 7700 0000 or email us to [email protected] and we will strive to resolve it efficiently and promptly.

We have 8 weeks to resolve your complaint and if at the end of this process you feel that your complaint has not been addressed properly, you may contact the Communications Ombudsman, an independent dispute resolution service.

If we decide that are unable to resolve your complaint satisfactorily before 8 weeks has passed, we can elect to issue you with a deadlock letter so
that you may make a complaint through the Communications Ombudsman earlier.

Their details are as below:

Communications Ombudsman
Daresbury Park

Website: https://www.commsombudsman.org/

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 0330 440 1614

The communications regulator, Ofcom, approves the Communications Ombudsman. If your complaint has not been resolved by us or our dispute resolution agency, or you require further information on the role of Ofcom see www.ofcom.org.uk or call 020 7981 3000 or 0300 123 3333


XL Telecom believes in effective communications with our customers. Customers can contact us by phone on 0300 22 0000 between the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, or at any time by e-mail to [email protected]

A copy of this code is posted on our website which you can download and print. However, if you would like us to post you a copy then please contact us and we will happily send you one.

    This Code has been approved by Ofcom for the purposes of section 52 of the
    Communications Act 2003

All information and pricing are correct at the time of going to print.