There are plenty of ways that savings can be applied to normal operating costs within a business with telecoms being the primary example of how this can work in practice.

A simple starting place for any company is to identify one thing, How do customers contact the company?

Most companies think that the answer is simple, a customer picks up a phone and calls a given customer service number. This is not always the case. There are many different internal aspects that need to be accounted for a company become more customer friendly, reduce costs, and become streamlined.

With years of experience XL Telecom is able to provide a five phase telecoms audit to analyse existing business telephony services, including PBX, inbound numbers, outbound carrier, physical lines and site audits. Then, new and existing solutions can be designed to be more efficient. XL Telecom can then implement and support these solutions going forward with the ability to enhance and manage onward change.

XL Telecom can design blueprints for a companies UK telephony, including internal numbering plans and full, seamless integration of PBX’s, fixed lines, mobiles and private wires. XL Telecom provides an outsourced in-house telecom solution, saving money, time and effort. Additionally, experts are provided to undertake short term and long term contracts on a fixed, monthly, daily or hourly rate.