Hassle free call recordingOur Call Recording solutions allows you to record INBOUND and OUTBOUND calls at any point, without the need for onsite hardware.

Our Call Recording solutions provides all of the features and functions (And more) that you would expect from hardware based solutions without the expense or hassle. All Recordings can then be replayed in a PCI compliant environment through any Internet connected PC.


  • Record INBOUND and OUTBOUND calls on any telephone line via our network service including home workers and branch offices.
  • Listen to calls in real-time from any Internet connected PC across your complete service.
  • Output results from the campaign in any format: excel, email, ftp, http.
  • Calls can be stored securely online or downloaded in batch and deleted.
  • Call Recordings can be automatically emailed or sent to an FTP location at the end of each call.
  • Calls can be recorded all of the time (100%), as a percentage of incoming calls (33% for example), or on Demand by an agent or supervisor.
  • In depth real-time & historic reporting solution.
  • Unlimited calls queued in our network.
  • Agent Desktop solution