Easy Call ManagementFree of Charge Set-up of Basic Telephone Numbers. Full Web Based Advanced reporting – at no charge. Never Miss Another Call

XL Telecom understands that some customers prefer to start with small basic call control products. 08 and 01/02/03 telephone numbers and many other solutions to help manage calls, as well as advanced featured options to help streamline the customer service, or a caller’s experience.

Basic Call Control – Free of Charge Set-up of Basic Telephone Numbers

Basic Number Translation. Choose a telephone number and direct it to any UK landline number and get access to our full online reporting at absolutely no charge for calls or rentals for the life of your number.

Mid Call Transfer – Transfer calls from your fixed line at home, office and even a mobile.

Call Recording – Record INBOUND and OUTBOUND calls without onsite hardware.

Audio Conferencing – Allows a user to instantly create and use an audio conference. The user can keep the room number and PIN to use time and time again, or just set-up a new conference room when one is needed.

Queued Call Back – Callers can sit in a queue waiting for an available agent, or alternatively, can make a request that an agent automatically return the call, holding the callers place in the queue, and is called back as soon as the caller hits the front of the queue.

Locator – Callers call one of our issued numbers and our system tries up to 4 “target” numbers for you in a simple sequence.

Finder – Callers have a single number and our service tries different numbers at different times of day – e.g. 9am – 11am – Home Office, 11am – 3pm – Office. 3pm.

Whisper – If you have multiple numbers would it be useful to have a “whisper” of which company the caller has phoned before answering.

Menu – A simple service – Press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts etc.. – Different “Target Numbers” will be tried dependant on the selection by the caller.

Messenger – You have a single number and our system tries up to 4 “target” numbers for you in a simple sequence with the addition of a Voicemail2Email service.

Basic Translation with Voicemail – A Basic number translation service with the addition of Voicemail2Email.

Auto Outbound Dialing – Agents can participate in an outbound calling campaign from anywhere. A telephone, PC & broadband is all that is needed.

Agent Desk Top with Call Scripting – Full inbound & outbound agent desktop with call scripting & CRM Integration.

Real Time & Historic Reporting – Reports are available to all services we offer right from the basic services through to complex IVR and Virtual Call Centre solutions.